Trufas Rius, specialist in the trade of fresh and canned truffles, was founded in 1996 by Xavier Rius from Barcelona and his Italian wife Cristina. Their extensive knowledge of the world of truffles in their respective countries has made it possible to offer their customers the best fresh truffle from Spain and Italy.

Since the late 1990s, the company has selected specific enclaves that produce quality truffles with character. Truffles that stand out for their excellence, and that have been served, to our most demanding customers.
Among the distinguished clientele, first class restaurants, hotels, caterers and free chefs stand out, who regularly use truffles in their dishes.

The two main truffle species are the Italian white truffle and the Spanish black truffle. What can you say about them to a good gourmet?
Apparently little, but on this website you will find the answers to questions never answered about truffles, and you will learn more about this mysterious fruit of the earth.

Parallel to the best species of fresh truffles, a selection of products related to truffles and other select gastronomy products are offered, covering a whole range of Mediterranean specialties.

With Barcelona as a base of operations, due to its strategic geographic location, which also facilitates speedy shipments, an efficient service is offered to the buyer, who wants quality in the product and in the presentation.


Truffles Rius shop online is more than a store where you can buy truffles. It was born from a project conceived a few years ago, by the enthusiasm of its founders, to make known a product of the land: the truffle, a fruit as mysterious as it is fascinating.
Product that, until recently, was only distributed to high-end restaurants.
The truffle online store is the real possibility of delivering the best fresh truffle to your home, an essential factor to overcome the great obstacle of not knowing where to go, to find a truly select and exclusive product.

The offer is completed by a range of high-quality, Mediterranean-style artisan products carefully selected for their benefits and health benefits.