We receive many requests from clients looking for a truffle sauce, which can be used as a condiment, for all kinds of dishes. The idea is to apply the flavor and aroma of truffles, in the form of a sauce, mainly on pasta dishes, meat and eggs, but looking for the perfect balance between quality and price.
Before going into analyzing the product that is the subject of this analysis, I want to clarify the difference between truffle sauce and truffle cream.

Truffle sauce is a preparation that contains truffles in a small percentage, the base of this product generally being mushrooms or milk cream, which act as a vehicle for transmitting the truffle flavor, together with other ingredients. Commercially it receives very different names depending on the manufacturer or the content, and is usually reinforced with aromas or extracts of truffle. The percentage of pure truffle that they include usually ranges from 1% to 5%. It is a sauce ready to use or apply directly on food.

On the contrary, truffle cream is a denser product, where the main ingredient is pure truffle, in large percentages, either black or white truffle, and which is completed with small percentages of oil, butter, mushrooms or milk cream, to give it the desired creaminess. These types of creams are usually quite pure and with a lot of truffle flavor. They are used as a concentrate to make truffle sauces.

Returning to the sauce that concerns us in this article, I want to introduce the Black-T truffle sauce. An excellent quality product designed as a direct application sauce that has been widely imitated by other manufacturers with different names, such as tartufata sauce, tartufo sauce, tartufo flavor, truffle compote, etc. They all have one thing in common, that the main ingredient is mushrooms, a product that combines well with truffles and provides a good flavor.
Our Black-T truffle sauce stands out from the rest of the sauces due to the mastery of the choice of its ingredients and the particular way in which it is prepared. For these two reasons, I think it is the best truffle sauce you can find, indicated as the perfect truffle seasoning for your favorite dishes.

The ingredients and composition have been carefully studied to achieve a great product, designed to flavor numerous recipes. The key lies in a mixture of ingredients that, when combined in the correct proportions, reproduce the truffle flavor. In this way, only with the presence of 5% truffle and a white truffle extract, which acts as an aroma, we obtain a powerful truffle seasoning.
Its ingredients include cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), olive oil, 5% summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum), carrots, onion, salt, aromatic herbs, spices, garlic and aromas.
In the preparation of the product, the desired final texture has been taken into account, more similar to a fine mince than to a uniform cream. The texture in small pieces is more pleasant and combines better with all kinds of recipes. Let's not forget that it is a ready-to-use sauce, of direct application, and that it should not be lengthened with other ingredients.

As for its way of use, we will take into account that it combines with a large number of dishes. This truffle sauce can be used both hot and cold, but it should not be overheated, as it can lose some of its magic, just like fresh truffles.

Cold, it can be applied on toast with butter, on tartlets, salads, soups or vegetable creams, eggs, hors d'oeuvres, and all kinds of cold starters.

When hot, it can be applied directly to pre-plated meals, or to food in the pan, and always at the end of cooking. For example, along with noodles, scrambled eggs, sauteed vegetables or mushrooms. Another interesting use is as a filling ingredient for various dishes, such as stuffed pasta, stuffed poultry, cannelloni, dumplings or croquettes.