Buying white truffle is not an easy process, but rather a delicate one. In addition to the possible lack of trust in the  potential supplier, the fact that only few places exist in Spain where fresh truffle is sold makes the consumer wonder where he can go and buy. The first parameter the buyer will consider is the price of the white truffle. If it fits within his budget, he will continue the purchasing process, although there are other decisive factors which need commenting.

Trufas Rius is an expert in the white truffle sale since 1995. During all these years, we have offered the client quality products and an excellent service. The price has always been oscillating, depending on the equally variable production (read the article the white Alba truffle). This parameter, together with the ever-growing worldwide demand, yearly determines the price. We need to take into account that, in October, which is the first of the three months in which fresh white truffle can be bought, the numerous fairs which take place in Italy keep the price of the fresh product high. As of November, if the harvest is not too scarce, prices usually stabilise until the beginning of December when, for reasons of increasing demand, prices start increasing again.
Another important factor, affecting the price, is the quality of the product. Some areas produce white truffle of better quality, making the dealers and truffle hunters of this area very popular. Also the truffle size influences its cost. The size, usually called calibre, determines the prices. Generally, a small calibre truffle weighs between 5 and 19 gr. apiece, the medium from 20 to 50 gr., and the large calibre starts above 50 gr. apiece. Each of these three categories will be offered at a different price: the bigger the truffle, the higher the price.

As such, the Price will vary, depending on: available fresh product, momentary worldwide demand, product quality, place of origin and truffle size.

This aspect, price, is the most important for most consumers, followed by quality and then service. In order to understand this, you need to take into consideration that the white truffle is expensive, between 2500 and 5000 € per kilogram. If you are not familiar with the world of the white truffle, the price aspect will be your main worry, taking into account that a buyer will have to put on the table between 250 and 500 € for every 100 gr. of white truffle.

Once he has passed this point, the consumer will concentrate himself on the quality and good service, but we still need to create a level of trust, high enough for him to decide to buy the white truffle. Our experience tells us that this trust can be gained, based on several parameters, the most important one being the general impression, caused by the dealer's image on the future buyer. Finding a business with a certain trajectory, having at its disposal a well-structured, coherent, online shop and convincing arguments regarding transport, delivery time, storage and consumption, is usually enough for the client to take the step.

Trufas Rius offers all this information, aiming at inspiring any consumer with enough trust to take a chance and try the white truffle or Tuber Magnatum for the first time.

Trufas Rius started importing white Alba truffle back in 1995, making them pioneers in Spain on this point. Since then, we have made a selection of truffle hunters, rather numerous and covering vast territories.  Thanks to the level of trust and the strong link between us, we can guarantee enough supplies to cover the complete season. This close relationship also allows us to keep the prices rather linear, even in times of high demand.

During the production season, we receive fresh truffle nearly every day. The level of rotation allows us to offer a product which is always fresh, sent in a refrigerated container, with a delivery time of around 16 hours inside Spain and 24 hours for the rest of Europe.

For more information on buying white truffle, you can call Trufas Rius at (+34)933000216 or send an email to