Truffles are a type of mushroom that grow and live underground. They are really the fruit of a radical plant or apparatus (class of fungus) called mycelium that lives in symbiosis with some types of trees. Such a relationship is convenient and benefits both plants, since the mycelium, like all mushrooms, is deprived of chlorophyll that it obtains from the upper plant and it receives an extra supply of nutrients through the root apparatus connected to its root.
In the fruiting phase and when the truffle matures, it becomes independent of the mycelium and continues development autonomously, absorbing nutrients from the soil through its own means, small filaments called hyphae.
Truffles are known to have been prized since ancient Egypt. The Greeks and later the Romans used them regularly and there are documents that describe their use in detail. It was not until the 18th and 19th centuries when they were studied and classified by various scientists, who detailed their life cycle and differentiated the species.
From a gastronomic point of view, few products stand out so much for their organoleptic properties, among which perfume and flavor stand out, which enhance the taste of food and take culinary art to the highest and most exclusive step.

The range of canned truffles of Trufas Rius is processed in Barcelona, combining basically two autochthonous species, namely the summer truffle and the black winter truffle.
Starting from the black truffle, also juice, mince and truffle cream are made, which will give an intense black truffle flavour to all your kitchen creations, throughout the whole year. All canned goods are made from natural products, without additives of any kind. Just truffle, water and salt.

Pasta, honey, olive oil, sauces, butter. A wide range of products with truffle aroma and flavour, to charm us whenever we use them in the kitchen, regardless what the season of the year is.

In order to get the most out of the truffle, it is necessary to properly spread its aroma over the food.  To do this, we will need a proper instrument, namely the truffle cutter. Here, we present the necessary cutting and product display accessories for your table and kitchen.

The saffron strands are the stigmas, extracted from the flower of a plant called Crocus Sativus. This plants usually flowers in November, in countries of the Mediterranean basin. The flowers are handpicked in the morning, even before sunrise. Afterwards, in a second phase, the stigmas are extracted from each flower and heat dried. In order to get 1 kg of saffron, we need more than 120.000  flowers, which explains the high price of this spice.
Saffron Rius offers a selection of superior quality I, top quality saffron, according to standard ISO 3632, grown, selected and packaged in Spain.

Modena balsamic vinegar comes from a long tradition, going back to the 16th century. The main characteristic is the simmering of the must of the local grape varieties Trebbiano and Lambrusco to obtain the final product, a process allowing the sugars to caramelise for the aging phase in barrels.
A small quantity of wine vinegar is added, creating the bacteria colonies which will transform it into one of the best vinegars ever made, without ever having been wine.
The aging phase in wooden barrels, the use of different types of barrel, together with the time spent in each of them, determine how products are obtained with different densities and tones.
The brand Tondo produces top quality goods which we present in our shop.

Coming from Italy, we receive goods, product of completely traditional and seasonal elaboration, of top quality and aiming at consumers, wanting to appreciate the flavour of natural vegetables, combined with the Mediterranean touch of olive oil.
In this section, carrying the title "the best of the garden", we offer a range of vegetables, intended for direct consumption. Just open and serve. From long bodied sundried tomato to Sardinian artichokes or stuffed olives. Healthy food products with no additives of any kind and highly recommended for your daily diet.

We propose a selection of the best pasta made in Italy. Specifically two very different lines. On the one hand, the famous Campofilone egg pasta, of the highest quality, fast cooking and packed in rigid cases.
At the same time, and to complete the range, we offer wheat semolina pasta from the town of Gragnano, southern Italy, famous for its IGP pasta made with wheat semolina and extruded in bronze.

A selection of the best pasta sauces, based on the best tomato, ideal to combine with both wheat pasta and egg pasta.
These artisan sauces are ready for consumption. It is only necessary to incorporate them into the pasta once it is cooked.

In this section we offer exclusive and relevant products, for direct consumption or for use as a condiment. Canned mushrooms in oil, dried boletus, black olive puree are some examples of these gourmet products.