Many new customers want to know the white truffle, and learn how to proceed to appreciate its aroma and flavor. They want to enter this exclusive world and ask us for precise indications on what they should or should not do when they receive their purchase of white truffle.
The requests are directed in the way of using the white truffle. Conservation, washing, how to use and pairing with the respective foods are the topics of greatest interest, and which we are going to discuss here so that the shopping experience is completely positive.

In Trufas Rius when receiving an order for fresh white truffle, we proceed as follows, which we believe is the most successful. First, the truffle is dry brushed and conditioned for travel. Unlike the black truffle, we do not believe that it is necessary to wash the white truffle before shipping, as this truffle has a very thin skin, and should only be washed before use. If we act like this, it will maintain its aroma, flavor and we will extend its life without losses.
The truffle travels in refrigerated polystyrene container, by urgent transport, and delivery time of maximum 24 hours. Remember that Trufas Rius only sends fresh product to countries in Europe. Other destinations are excluded.

Upon receiving the truffle, we must change the container, since the polystyrene packaging used for shipping is isothermal and if we put it in the refrigerator, it will prevent the cold from reaching the truffle. The ideal container is the plastic container with a lid, hermetic, and if possible the size of the truffle.
We must bear in mind that the truffle has a high percentage of humidity, and that, when you put the container in the refrigerator, and when the temperature drops, the humidity inside will condense. To prevent this moisture from affecting the truffle, it is necessary to protect it with an absorbent medium such as paper.
For optimal conservation of the fresh white truffle, we will wrap each of them in absorbent kitchen paper and put them in the plastic container, failing glass, in the refrigerator, well covered. The intention is to prevent too much moisture from accumulating on the truffle inside the container. We will change the absorbent paper every day or every other day depending on the degree of humidity. We can keep the truffle in this state for a week if the product is fresh, perhaps longer, but it is advisable to buy the truffle when it is going to be used and not to buy it for storage.

When the time comes to use the truffle, we will proceed to wash it. There are two options, dry cleaning the truffle or washing with water.
Some cooks are in favor of dry cleaning, as they say, washing the truffle with water, subtracts aroma and flavor. To dry clean the truffle, brush it with a soft brush and with the help of a damp cloth, remove any remaining dirt, especially in cracks and small holes. Sometimes it is necessary to use a sharp instrument such as the tip of a knife.
Normal washing consists of putting the truffle under the cold water tap and with the help of a soft brush, removing the rest of the earth until it is completely clean. Let dry and ready for consumption. Personally, I think washing it in water provides a deeper cleaning, but I leave it to your choice.

To extract all the aroma and flavor of the white truffle, the main thing is to disperse it in thin portions, over the already plated food. This truffle is consumed raw, never cooked. There are those who are in favor of grating it to fine shavings, as if it were grated cheese, using the "microplane" type grater. This is a valid option, but it loses showiness and presence. I think the best way is to slice it into thin slices, with the truffle cutter, specially designed for this purpose. In this link you can see the indicated models. The very thin slices allow to take full advantage of the truffle and maintain its presence, showing its characteristic internal veining.
Therefore, we will apply the truffle on warm or hot foods that have already been prepared, ready to consume, and only before serving them.

Finally, we will talk about the foods with which the white truffle combines. They must be preparations with a discreet or fairly neutral flavor, since combining the white truffle with dishes with a strong flavor will overshadow part of its flavor.
The white truffle pairs well with eggs, egg pasta, potato cream, cream cheese "fonduta", on mushroom salad, stuffed pasta, and risotto. Traditional dishes include raw Albese meats, white risotto, fried eggs, and egg tagliolini.

Trufas Rius sells fresh white truffles from October to December, which you can buy here.